Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as offering the most courteous, polyvalent, professional service delivering excellent workmanship and value for money by observing a code of best practice based on the efficient deployment of company resources and rigorous quality control.

About us

Since its inception in early 2002, Mahé Design & Build has gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing itself on the local construction scene with a solid reputation for professionalism, competence, quality workmanship and value for money to such a point that a great deal of its business growth has been on the basis of referrals from satisfied customers.

Our company's success has also been due to its wide experience in the field and to the extensive skills of its polyvalent team of dedicated professionals which, together, allow Mahé Design & Build to propose an entire suite of solutions for all your building needs.

Our complete understanding of Seychelles' construction industry, its regulations, challenges and numerous pitfalls, in combination with the dynamism of our team of professionals and our commitment to producing work of the highest quality makes us your ideal partner and the one-stop-shop answer to all your building requirements in Seychelles.

The modular structure of Mahé Design & Build and its numerous capabilities dovetail to provide a full suite of integrated building options appropriate for turn-key projects as well as stand-alone solutions to accommodate clients' specific needs.

Our fast-growing, multi-faceted business with its impressive array of separate options is your key to successful, timely and cost-effective building in Seychelles.